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Wellness Coaching in Edmonton

Meet Stephanie Green

Stepahin Green wearing gloves showing absHi, I’m Stephanie. Living a healthy lifestyle is all about progress, not perfection. I’ve walked my own weight loss path and I am passionate about helping women not make the same mistakes I have. As a coach, I teach a sustainable approach to weight loss which is so important for long-term success.

My career as a coach started when I was able to drop the 80 pounds that was holding me back from realizing my true potential. I changed my career path and dedicated myself to helping people just like you feel confident, self-empowered and in control of their weight.

I am passionate about helping the clients I work with learn from the mistakes I have made from my own weight loss journey. I’m excited to help them on their path to weight loss and self-love.

Stephanie push ups

20+ Years Experience

My experience as a coach, personal trainer, and nutritionist exceeds 20 years. I have helped 100’s of clients lose weight and keep it off. I hold a number of certifications in personal training and holistic nutrition including Kinetic Anatomy Specialist, Pre/Post Natal Specialist, Certified Nutritionist just to name a few.

There are so many restrictive diets and fad diets online today that it becomes very overwhelming for anyone trying to lose weight. I will show you the way to incorporate your favorite foods into your nutrition plan, recognize your feelings around food, learn about your eating habits, and more. Losing weight doesn’t need to be complicated, follow my step by step approach to losing weight and say goodbye to the yoyo diet forever.

A Sustainable Approach

As a coach, I teach a sustainable approach to weight loss which is so important for long-term success. I have so much to share with you, and it all starts in my free group, Weight Loss Coaching Specialists. I’d love for you to join me there where I’ll share daily information on motivation, nutrition, and exercise so you can love your reflection in the mirror.

You deserve to be tenacious in the pursuit of your better self. Contact us today to meet with Stephanie.


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