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About Oxford Wellness Clinic

Our team of practitioners wants patients to know they’re flexible, and we’re here for you! We all lead busy lives, and it can be tough to maintain good health. We’re here to guide you along your journey without pressure or judgment and do our best for you!

Oxford Wellness Clinic has been providing quality chiropractic care since 2015. Whether you are in pain, suffering from chronic injury, or simply looking for a safe and effective way to look after your physical health, Oxford Wellness Clinic is the place for you.

Our combination of our highly intuitive care, precise adjustments, and muscle work makes patients want to see us.


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Health Care Suited to You

We believe health care should be custom to suit your needs. At Oxford Wellness Clinic, our chiropractors work with you to create a care plan that accommodates your lifestyle. Working with you, we tailor your care to your needs by asking questions about your current state. How has your body been functioning since the last time we saw you and are there any new issues we should be aware of?

We take the time to connect with you, and it’s never in and out the door in five minutes at our clinic. Every person receives personalized care, never a cookie-cutter experience. Our team provides you with a professional experience that’s always warm and caring.

Getting Results

A patient was recently referred to us who had never received chiropractic care and was skeptical about receiving results. He came to us hunched over in severe pain, barely able to sit comfortably or walk.

Within a couple of weeks, he was back on track and returned to work. His results were so incredible they blew him away. He sent us flowers and several thank you cards in appreciation.

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