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About Us

In 2015, Dr. Roshni Sidhu (Mehrabi) was ready to open her own practice. The Oxford Park Landing plaza was just opening at the time, giving her the perfect opportunity to locate Oxford Wellness Clinic there. You’ll find our clinic on the north side of Edmonton close to St. Albert.

Our team is rounded out by our massage therapists on staff. You can have your full-body needs met at one convenient location!

Our Science-Based Philosophy

When it comes to health care, we believe what can be proved. This evidence-based approach ensures that everything we do for you is backed up by scientific research. Chiropractic is a beautifully simple idea that can make a tremendous impact on your well-being.

The human body is designed to move in certain ways. When a joint or muscle isn’t operating like it should, you might feel pain, notice dysfunction or be unable to do the things you want to do. We find these areas that have become “stuck” and help them move like they’re intended to.

Feeling Skeptical?

We get it – a lot of people have heard rumors about chiropractic or have had an experience in the past that makes them skeptical about going to see a chiropractor. One of our patients was a man who could barely bend his knee due to a sharp pain. His colleagues, patients at our clinic, told him to see what we could do for him. Though resistant, the man eventually agreed to give us a try.

Dr. Sidhu pinpointed the problem just under his kneecap. In an instant, the patient’s knee was moving again. He could hardly believe the results!

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