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Osteopathy in Edmonton

Meet Jennifer Pratt, Osteopath, RMT

Jennifer PrattJennifer is a Manual Osteopath (2015) and Massage Therapist (2002). She’s very passionate about her work and absolutely loves the challenge each new client brings and says it’s like putting pieces of a puzzle together. Her ultimate focus is pain management and restoration of mobility. She wants to make sure her clients are able to live a pain-free life to their fullest potential.

Her specialty as a therapist is osteoarticular corrections (assisting in moving bones and/or helping the bones to stay in proper alignment with creating new memories and eliminating old memories in the tissues surround them) as well as myofascial soft tissue release which feels like a very deep tissue massage.

Her hands are strong enough to get to the deepest layers of muscle tissue and her touch is gentle yet soothing enough that she can manipulate around sensitive tissues. She’s very intuitive and sometimes puts everything she knows scientifically aside and trusts her intuition and keeps searching further all of the other systems until she finds what is specifically wrong, then works with you to alleviate it.

While she’s working she is great at educating her clients so they know what she’s doing and why she’s doing it. She gives everyone specific tidbits of information so they can confidently go home and treat themselves for the little aches and pains. She will talk throughout the treatment as your feedback is necessary so she can work with you to try and fix the issues as effectively as possible. If you require a quiet massage or treatment, she can accommodate to that as well.

Outside of Practice

On her free time she likes to spend quality time with her child and they absolutely love going to the mountains to recharge and energize in nature. She enjoys the simple things in life such as camping, hiking, swimming and the outdoors. She also enjoys ecstatic dance to help move energy through the body and express through movement. She has recently been called to Shamanic initiation and has undergone some sacred earth ceremonies such as fire walking and earth grounding. She continues to find new ways to expand herself and grow while harmonizing herself on her souls journey.

She is a huge believer in the body’s innate ability to heal itself and all of its systems on a quantum healing level. She continues to learn and grown on this energetic level and is learning to heal herself.

*Jennifer is fluent in French.*

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