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Pediatric Chiropractic in Edmonton

baby having back adjusted At Oxford Wellness Clinic, we firmly believe that chiropractic care is essential for people of all ages, including children and adolescents. Whether a home or hospital birth, there may still be issues with spine development and the nervous system that may lead to future problems.

We aim to ensure the child’s nervous system functions optimally and address any misalignments within the spine. Beyond physical benefits, chiropractic fosters a healthy lifestyle that promotes holistic well-being for children and their parents.


The First Visit

We request that parents arrive 10 minutes early to complete any necessary paperwork. It’s also best for children to wear loose-fitting clothes, such as gym attire, to facilitate ease of movement during the visit.

During the initial visit, our chiropractor gathers information from the parent or guardian, focusing on understanding the child’s unique needs and experiences. Also, connecting directly with the child is essential to understand their specific concerns or discomfort and tailor their plan accordingly.

Inspiring Success Stories

One success story that stands out involves a 12-year-old patient who had experienced a traumatic car accident. This young man arrived at our practice feeling nervous, mentally strained, not sleeping, and physically limited in mobility.

After just a few weeks of care, we witnessed a remarkable transformation. The joy returned to the child’s face, his mobility improved, and he regained his zest for life. We discharged him earlier than expected, a testament to the power of our holistic approach to pediatric chiropractic care.

We’d Love to Welcome You into Our Care

Our team is dedicated to providing hope and inspiring natural wellness through customized care plans for each child. Take the first step toward optimizing your child’s health; book a visit today.



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