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New Patients

At Oxford Wellness Clinic, our team has created a comforting, casual environment that will immediately make you feel relaxed. The friendly staff at the front desk is waiting to greet you. We’ll give you the necessary paperwork to fill out and get your insurance information from you. You’ll see your chiropractor promptly.

Your First Visit

After you’re introduced to your chiropractor, you’ll have a physical examination. This process looks at muscle tension and joint restrictions, identifying your problem areas. Your chiropractor will talk about how the body works and where yours may be having trouble. You’ll learn of all your treatment options that may address your particular concerns.

Your Report of Findings

Within two days, we’ll see you again so that you can have a full report of your examination findings from your chiropractor. They’ll answer all of your questions, too. This appointment takes a little more time than your subsequent visits.

Following Up

Your routine visits will take about 15-30 minutes depending on the type of treatment you have done.

New Patients | (780) 758-8323